Jenny is participating in a collaborative print exchange project where participants are paired up with a partner at random and they work on a 10″ by 10″ print.  Each of participant will receive a portfolio with one of each print. The show opening is August 15, 2019.

Jenny writes: “I came into the project with one criterion: I wanted the subject to relate to environmental concerns. I was paired with David Riley who designs furniture and we talked about how, when he buys wood, trees are already reduced to an abstracted product.  I’d always wondered what the stamps on lumber mean, but now that I’m a printmaker and was engaged in this collaboration, I became extra curious about the printing process used to create them.  So I went to the local lumber yard to photograph lumber stamps and ask about their meaning and how they’re made. They’re done with large rubber stamps, sometimes on a roller, and denote quality, type of wood and lumber mill of origin. We thought it would be paradoxical to turn these rubber stamp-created symbols that are used on wood into woodblocks to make this print.  That lead to using the CNC router to create the blocks and the letterpress for printing, both of which David is skilled at.”