“Chiaroscuro,” the resident artist’s show at AS220, happened last weekend. The piece I contributed was My Cat Joins the Greater World of Striped Animals, a 14 3/4″ by 18″ seven color screen print. Below is my statement about the piece:

“Two days after my cat passed away, who had a long, contented life as an indoor kitty, I had abstract dreams of furry black and white stripes. The next day, when I was jogging in a nearby cemetery, a small hawk flew towards me and landed on a nearby branch, closer than a hawk had ever gotten. I stopped, we looked at each other and I noticed distinct gold-brown stripes on its chest. As I continued my run, an insight concerning my dream came to me.  My cat was feeling freedom way beyond indoor life and entering into the greater world of animal consciousness. More specifically, she was joining the greater world of striped animals.

“This piece is a celebration of her and helped me understand where she is now.”